Keroppi’s Family

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Keroppi's Sister

Hasunoue Pikki

Hasunoue Pikki is Keroppi’s big sister, the only girl of the Hasu No Ue triplet. If Keroppi’s the most popular frog in Donut Pond, Pikki is the cutest frog in town. Her hobbies and tree-climbing (she and Keroleen can make a mean batch of pancakes!) Since she’s the favorite babysitter of the residents of Donut Pond, she knows all the kids there (being really great with names is a lot of help!)

Keroppi's DadHasunoue Keroppa

Keroppa is Keroppi and Pikki’s father. He is the resident doctor of the Hasu No Ue Hospital, and he is able to help heal just about anyone who needs his help.

Keroppi's Mom

Hasunoue Keroma

Keroma is Keroppi and Pikki’s mother, the triplets’ mom, is a master chef! She runs her own small restaurant, but she always has time to make rice balls, Keroppi’s favorite food (it gives him energy)!


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Hasu No Ue Keroppi

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